Career entry made easy!

“School is over – and what now? What do I want to be? What do I want to do and what jobs will there still be in 10 years?”

If you are still undecided where you should go after you graduate from school, you can do a student internship with us in advance and get a taste of various activities.

If you already know exactly which training is suitable for you, then we can offer you future-proof training in exciting professions!

Available apprenticeships

Very good knowledge of German is a prerequisite for becoming part of our team. That is why you can find our available apprenticeships in German:

Student internship to try out

Would you like to get a taste of the practice first before you decide on a career? Then we would be happy to support you with a 1-2 week student internship. Simply apply by email to Manuel Diepolder. Very good knowledge of German is a pre-condition.

Our employee benefits

Our colleagues give their best every day for our common goal. Therefore, they are our most valuable asset and deserve the best possible working environment.

A powerful team

A company can only be as good as the employees supporting it. That is why we are particularly proud of our well-coordinated team, which gives its best every day for our common goal.