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Our commercial storage systems are stationary battery systems with state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology. They are characterized above all by their scalability and security, so that we can offer you a suitable solution for all your commercial and industrial applications.

Reduction of costs due to surcharges of the energy supplier

Independence from the grid operator and avoidance of additional grid expansion

Improvement of the power grid quality

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Decades of experience with stationary battery systems

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Commercial storage for forklift truck? Makes sense!

In the intralogistics of many companies, lithium-ion batteries or lead high-current batteries are increasingly being used to reduce charging time. As a result, the chargers require significantly more power than for conventional charging. With limited grid connection power, this quickly leads to an overload. In such cases, commercial storage can be a virtual extension of the grid connection power to buffer the charging of batteries in intralogistics. Leverage our expertise from both worlds to improve your enterprise-wide energy management.

Technical features


The network is kept in a constant and correct frequency range. Harmonics are dynamically compensated, resulting in an improvement of the power quality in the system. As the electrification of our society and economy progresses, it can be assumed that the need to ensure high power quality will increase in the coming years.


Depending on the application, it may be necessary to install commercial storage outdoors. The solution is a battery storage system with a high degree of protection, which means that weather resistance can be guaranteed. An integrated air conditioner ensures the right temperature.


The battery storage systems from Allgäu Batterie are always modular. The resulting scalability is an important prerequisite for a long-term investment, as additional capacity can be installed as needed without much additional expense.


Allgäu Batterie’s commercial storage systems are designed as integrated systems consisting of battery, converter, energy management system and air-conditioned housing. Due to their ease of installation, they are quickly and easily installed by our electricians in accordance with the mains connection guidelines using plug & play.

Emergency power capability

Our commercial storage systems are emergency power capable – in the event of a power failure, the battery storage system takes over the supply within a few seconds. For particularly sensitive applications, there is also the option of an uninterruptible power supply, which, unlike the backup power supply, requires no bridging time.


Our commercial storage facilities have a comprehensive protection, monitoring and fire protection concept. Thus, you do not have to worry about the operational safety of your plant. They are produced according to the state of the art and installed by experienced electricians.

Well-rehearsed procedure

  1. Analysis of operating data for optimal project planning and dimensioning
  2. Support in the approval process from the installation permit to the grid connection
  3. Carrying out the electrical connection work and assisting with the initial start-up
  4. Regular maintenance measures
  5. Optimisation of the system taking into account empirical values and new requirements
  6. Disposal after end-of-life

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