Battery-supported central power supply (BSV)

In the medical sector, particularly high demands are placed on power supply systems (DIN VDE 0100-710 and DIN VDE 0558-507). These are not met by industrial UPS systems, which are used for data backup in data centers, for example. In order to avoid any security risk in particularly sensitive applications, the battery-supported central power supply (BSV system) is used.

Our battery-backed central power supply (BSV) systems for safety purposes reliably supply power to areas used for medical purposes. They support various loads: In the 24V DC range, these are mainly surgical lights and comparable lights. 230V AC loads are typically therapy equipment, surgical instruments, measurement and analysis equipment, and electrical tools. With Allgäu Batterie’s expertise, you can be confident that when treating your patients, you can ensure their safety at all times, even in the event of a power failure.

Uninterruptible power supply in the medical field

Reliable protection of patients

Ensuring functionality through regular maintenance

Decades of experience in UPS and battery technology

Long-term partnerships with high-end producers

Holistic advice and support

Stationary energy storage

Stationary battery systems are the reliable energy providers for safety-relevant systems. That is why Allgäu Batterie’s stationary energy storage systems offer maximum security of supply.

The emergency lighting

In the event of a power failure, emergency lighting is elementary for the safety of man and machine. And you can rely on our emergency lighting and battery-powered systems.

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Battery backed central power supply