DC power supply

A DC power supply system differs from a UPS system in that it supplies DC power to the connected electrical loads. This has the benefit that the output current has fewer harmonics and is therefore cleaner.

Our DC UPS systems have output voltages of 24 V, 48 V, 60 V or 110 V. Special voltages can also be implemented on request. Technologically, we rely on thyristor technology or primary switched rectifiers, depending on the application. To ensure maximum fail-safety, reliable redundancies can be created by operating several rectifiers in parallel. Integration into existing control systems facilitates the management of your building installation.

Reliable power supply for industrial applications

Uninterruptible power supply with DC

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The reliable energy provider: Stationary battery systems

Stationary battery systems are the reliable energy providers for safety-relevant systems. For this reason, the stationary energy storage systems from Allgäu Batterie offer the highest level of reliability of supply.

Safety for man and machine: UPS systems

In the event of faults in the power grid, the safety of persons, electrical equipment and data can be extremely threatened. That is why our uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems step in as soon as the mains fails.

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