Safety power supply

As part of an electrical system, the safety power supply serves as a power source for safety purposes. In this context, electrical consumers play a central role in safety, as this equipment is required for the safety and health of persons and farm animals or to prevent environmental damage and damage to other equipment.

Reliable power supply for safety-relevant applications

Prevention of damage and liability claims

Ensuring functionality through regular maintenance

Decades of experience in UPS and battery technology

Long-term partnerships with high-end producers

Holistic support and advice

Normative requirements

The E DIN EN 50171 standard specifies the general requirements for central power supply systems for independent power supply of necessary safety equipment. Our safety power supply systems fully meet these requirements. These include high overload capability, reverse polarity protection, separate feeds, fast charging times or a contact interface.


  • Switchover mode
  • Continuous operation
  • Start-up operation
  • Continuous operation/start-up operation

Skyscrapers & Garages

The construction and operation of high-rise buildings, medium-sized and large garages is subject to special statutory regulations (Hochhausverordnung (HochhVO) and Garagenverordnung (GarVO)). In the event of a power failure, a safety power supply system takes over the supply of smoke extraction systems, pressure boosting systems for the extinguishing water supply, pressurized ventilation systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems, alarm systems, building radio systems for the fire department and elevators.

We bring light into the dark

With the stationary battery systems from Allgäu Batterie, you can be sure that your emergency lighting will work reliably in the event of a power failure.

Safety for man and machine: UPS system

In the event of faults in the power supply system, the safety of persons, electrical equipment and data can be extremely endangered. That’s why our uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems step in as soon as the grid fails.

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Safety power supply