Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)


Depending on the application, we combine the UPS system with the appropriate battery. Whether it is lead-acid, lead-gel or lithium-ion, we determine the technology that best fits your application. We provide you with a complete professional solution from conceptual design to expert installation and preventive service.


In addition to the main application in case of power failure, UPS systems also provide high quality power. Impurities such as under- and overvoltage, frequency deviations or harmonics can be compensated by the intelligent control.

Bridging of downtimes due to power failures, lightning strikes or short circuits

Correction of power system anomalies and poor power quality

Ensuring power supply to your core processes

Hohe Qualität der erprobten Systeme

Hohe Betriebssicherheit durch regelmäßige Instandhaltung

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Types of UPS systems


The online UPS system is the only system that actually works without interruption. This is because the battery is permanently integrated into the supply and does not have to be switched on with a mains failure. At the same time, it provides consistent power quality to the consumer through overvoltage protection.


  • No switching times
  • Mains filter function


  • High acquisition costs
  • High operating costs


With these two system variants, short switching times can occur in the event of a power failure, which can cause sensitive electronics to fail. This is especially the case with the offline UPS system; therefore, the line-interactive UPS system with surge protection and very low switching times is a popular alternative.


  • low to moderate acquisition costs
  • mains filter function (line-interactive UPS)
  • very efficient


  • Switchover time at 4ms (line-interactive UPS) or up to 10ms (offline UPS)


Before procurement, we recommend an analysis of the system landscape including energy requirements (apparent power in kVA) that is to be protected by the UPS. Subsequently, it must be weighed up which costs are to be expected in the event of failure of the connected consumers or which risk should ultimately be taken. Highly sensitive electronics, which are generally of a correspondingly high value, servers, which must not fail under any circumstances, and any devices, the interruption of which puts human life at risk, should be protected by an online UPS system. In all other cases, we recommend the use of a line-interactive UPS.

Intelligent management & monitoring

Our UPS systems can be optionally integrated into LAN networks to improve management and monitoring. TCP/IP, HTTP and SNMP communication protocols are supported. Allgäu Batterie helps you make the most of your security systems. Networking allows efficient and centralized remote management of all UPS systems by displaying all important information. These include, for example, the input voltage, the applied load or the capacity of the batteries. In the event of a fault, the software is also able to provide detailed information about the status of the UPS. The client/server structure also simplifies the management of multi-platform network systems.


  • Sequential and priority shutdown
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Event scheduling
  • Practical user and message management
  • Support for virtualized systems and all operating systems

Redundant emergency power supply for sensitive applications

For particularly sensitive applications, a redundant emergency power supply with at least two independent UPS systems is recommended. This means that you get comprehensive protection of consumers from supply disruptions. If one of the supply sources is not within the tolerance limits, a fully automatic transfer system switches the consumers to another source. This means you get a highly available uninterruptible power supply.

Legal and technical protection: Maintenance

Since UPS systems must reliably step in during a power failure, it is all the more important that maintenance is carried out reliably and conscientiously as required by the manufacturer. UPS systems also fall within the scope of DGUV Regulation 3, but other test standards must be applied. We guarantee our customers the professional and standard-compliant execution of all types of inspections by our top qualified service technicians.

  • Inspection before initial commissioning
  • Inspection after maintenance
  • Repeat inspection

Specialized measurement methods and test equipment

Qualification to work on live equipment (AuS certificate)

We bring light into darkness

With the stationary battery systems from Allgäu Batterie, you can be sure that your safety lighting system will work reliably if the worst comes to the worst.

For medical areas: BSV system

In areas used for medical purposes, it is particularly important that the power supply is maintained. Because it is precisely when the mains fails that people need special protection. This is why our battery-based central power supply (BSV) systems are used here.

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