Traction applications

It is no longer possible to imagine our electrified world without propulsion batteries. A large number of different technologies have existed over the decades, but only lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries have gained acceptance for industrial applications. As different as the cell chemistry may be, they have one thing in common: After a discharge, they must be recharged. And the better both components are coordinated, the more pleasure you will have with your energy package.

What are you looking for?

Lead-acid or Lithium?

Basically, both lead-acid and lithium traction batteries provide power for electric drives. But that’s where the similarities end: They each have specific technical and commercial benefits depending on their intended use. A sweeping answer as to which technology is better cannot therefore be given. In addition, lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries are also only generic terms for different technologies. Lead-acid or lead-gel? LFP or NCA? However, we are happy to help you find the right battery technology for your application

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