High frequency charging devices

Economy due to high reliability

Sustainability through maximum energy efficiency

Legal certainty through professional project engineering

Occupational safety through expert testing concepts

There are many high frequency charging devices. But we harmonize economic efficiency, sustainability, legal certainty and occupational safety. This is because our HF charging devices are the only ones with a modular design that can be individually parameterized. And with a high energy efficiency due to an efficiency of up to 96%, the investment in an Allgäu battery HF charging device is covered by the saved electricity costs after approx. 2 years.

Maximum energy efficiency

High reliability

Future viability through CAN bus communication

Extended battery service life

The high-end ALLtrac® Plus charging device leaves nothing to be desired. Sustainable energy efficiency through modern high-frequency technology is just as much a must as optimum operational reliability and high serviceability. Freestyle: ALLtrac® Plus offers a wide range of benefits that make it unique. Technical features such as high-current charging, automatic battery recognition, integrations via CAN bus or intelligent networking for Industry 4.0 make your everyday work in intralogistics easier. And quite incidentally: Future viability is already assured through compatibility with lithium-ion batteries!


  • Power from 24V 60A – 220V 300A
  • High energy efficiency due to maximum efficiency of up to 96%
  • Modular structure
  • Standard service characteristics and individual parameterization
  • Automatic battery detection
  • Communication capabilities: mains connection, external displays, deployment analysis
  • data storage and evaluation
  • numerous options, such as battery management, IP54 protection, high-current charging, CAN bus communication

Universally applicable

High reliability

Short delivery times

The reliable all-round charging device ALLgo® is the universal solution for charging your traction batteries. With high-frequency technology, you maximize energy efficiency on the one hand, and significantly extend the service life of your batteries on the other. Technical features such as the modular design, an intelligent air stream, a symmetrical load on the network or variable characteristic curves ensure a high level of operational reliability and unrivaled ease of service – with foolproof operation.


  • Power from 24V 60A – 96V 150A
  • High energy efficiency due to maximum efficiency of up to 96%
  • Modular structure
  • Standard service characteristics and individual parameterization
  • Intelligent air stream
  • Symmetrical load on the mains
  • Variable performance curves
  • Desulfation and equalization charge

Maximum energy efficiency in the smallest space

Onboard capability

High user friendliness

The entry-level ALLgo® mini charging device for small applications shows its true greatness through inner values: Maximum energy efficiency through high-frequency technology, variable charging characteristics for different battery technologies and a high level of user-friendliness via status LEDs characterize our smallest charging device. The onboard capability with optional breakaway protection is particularly practical.


  • Power from 12V 20A – 24V 90A
  • High energy efficiency due to maximum efficiency of up to 96%
  • Standard service characteristics and individual parameterization
  • HF technology
  • Intelligent air stream
  • Variable charging characteristics
  • Desulfation and equalization charge

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