Technological advantages

Manufacturer bound

Lithium-ion batteries are the most versatile batteries of all. Depending on the application, we decide which cell technology represents the best overall package in terms of safety, performance, service life and cost efficiency. Our independence enables us to respond flexibly to technical and commercial requirements.

Cycle stability

The ALLithium battery achieves a service life of several thousand full cycles while maintaining the operating conditions. A major advantage, especially over lead-acid batteries, is the possibility of intermediate charging. This even has a life-extending effect!

Protection against fires by the BMS

There are still many reservations on the subject of lithium-ion batteries due to the fire incidents that are repeatedly reported in the media. In fact, the danger posed by an ALLithium® battery is less than that of a lead-acid battery because the BMS detects potential risks such as overvoltage or overtemperature and immediately takes countermeasures on its own. The signals can also be output via the data interface and evaluated by a higher-level computing unit, e.g. vehicle or master computer.

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