Communication- interface and protocol


Profinet (Process Field Network) is the open Industrial Ethernet standard for automation. Profinet is real-time capable and enables the integration of fieldbus systems. Profinet is used to connect decentralized peripherals such as PLCs and enables very simple integration into these systems.

Flexible integration of ALLithium® into overall systems

Of course we can implement a status display that shows the state of charge of the ALLithium® battery. Much more interesting, however, are applications in which complex data exchange takes place and specific programming is required. For example, automatic charging via ground contacts or a reserve tank can be integrated into the system.

Partial integration for industrial trucks

When retrofitting lithium-ion batteries in industrial trucks designed for lead batteries, the original functional safety must be retained. That is why we have developed a relay control that can be used to control the industrial truck’s safety functions via potential-free contacts. Of course, this is accompanied by complete technical documentation to create legal certainty.

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