The Allgäu triumvirate

Just as Trettachspitze, Mädelegabel and Hochfrottspitze are known far beyond the Allgäu, we would also like to establish our ALLithium® battery nationwide. In order to live up to this claim graphically, the triumvirate was incorporated into our logo in a stylized form and keeps reminding us that we aim high without forgetting our origins.

Symbiosis of tradition and future

However, this does not mean a complete departure from the valuable wealth of experience of the last quarter century. Rather, we at ALLithium® have made it our task to merge the best aspects of both worlds into an even better system. While we at ALLithium® take care of new technologies, the Allgäu Batterie team will continue to be available for all aspects of lead technology.

The manufacture – a look behind the scenes

State of the Art

Lithium-ion batteries are available in numerous designs. With ALLithium®, the main focus is on reliable technology. A continuously sufficient nominal voltage is achieved at the cell level. Among other things, batteries with this cathode material have a particularly high specific energy density. Not only the long service life, but also the elimination of any maintenance effort speak for the ALLithium® battery. The high energy density also means that less space is required for the battery.

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