In-house logistics with certified ADR dangerous goods drivers

In the case of replacement batteries in particular, the time component plays a decisive role in ensuring that a stationary industrial truck is ready for use again in a timely manner. ALLithium® can not only provide a new battery quickly, but also take back the old battery at the same time. The battery technology plays no role here – the transport is always carried out by trained and certified ADR dangerous goods drivers with appropriately equipped vehicles. So you don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Affiliation to the GRS batteries

The Joint Battery Collection System Foundation is our competent partner for the disposal of our batteries. With decades of experience, our customers can rest assured that the batteries will be treated sustainably and transparently at the end of their life
Be recycled. GRS cooperates with the leading recycling plants in order to prepare the valuable raw materials for reuse in the best possible way, thereby relieving the burden on the environment.

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