Industrial applications – Technical specifications

Rated Voltage3.7 V – 1.000 V
Rated capacity29 Ah – 1680 Ah
Amount of energy0.4 kWh – 700 kWh
Specific (gravimetric) energy densitydepending on the design up to 187 Wh/kg
Volumetric energy densitydepending on the design up to 228 Wh/l
number of cyclesmin. 3,000 full cycles (at 70% DoD)
Security classup toPLd
Communication protocolsCAN-Bus, Profinet
Protection classbis IP54
Cell technologyNCA, NMC or LFP
Cell designcylindrical
Memory effectnot present
Discharge temperature range-10 °C up to +60 °C
Charging current0.8 C up to 100 % SoC
Discharge currentup to1C (bis 3C peak max. 10 sec.)
Opportunity charginghas a life-extending effect
Full chargeonce a month
Deep dischargeis prevented by the BMS
Self-dischargemax. 1 % per month
Maintenancecompletely maintenance-free

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