Lithium-ion batteries

We manufacture customized, innovative ALLithium® energy storage units with the highest safety standards in our own factory. The NCA technology used here has the benefit of offering the best overall package of safety, performance, service life and cost efficiency compared with other lithium-ion batteries. At the same time, we have long-term partnerships with cell suppliers and battery disposal companies in order to be able to offer you the ideal overall package, both economically and ecologically. And with it you can be sure that you will get exactly the energy you need.

Individual solutions for the intralogistics of the future

Maximum safety through performance levels up to PLd

Native support of CAN bus and Profinet

Flexible integration into overall systems

What ALLithium® energy storage systems are all about

MODULARITY: Unlimited possibilities

  • Scalability of any storage size and different capacities
  • Possibility of integration in all applications, even retroactively
  • Cost and time advantage due to high serviceability

SAFETY: At any time

  • EU conformity with CE marking
  • Production as per ISO 9001
  • Performance Level PLd as per EN ISO 13849
  • Transport approval as per UN 38.3
  • Packing and transport as per ADR
  • Risk assessment as per EN ISO 12100
  • Disposal as per BattG (2021)

COMMUNICATION: Intelligent & flexible

  • Native support of CAN bus and Profinet
  • Adaptation to all protocols
  • Flexible integration into overall systems

TECHNOLOGY: Highly modern & efficient

  • High energy density
  • Cycle stability
  • Protection against fires through battery management system

PROJECT ENGINEERING: Holistic & personal

  • personal contact
  • tailored to customer needs
  • transparent, comprehensive accompanying documentation
  • evaluation of the overall situation (e.g. buffer storage)
  • consulting & implementation from a single source

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