Traction batteries

Traction batteries

Allgäu Batterie
At Allgäu Batterie we have the best solutions and a variety of specific, industry-leading technologies for electric forklifts, cleaning machines, automatic guided vehicles and many other electric vehicles.

Decades of experience
Thanks to decades of experience as a industry leading business in industrial batteries technologies we have optimized the construction of lead acid batteries in many ways. We now using cutting edge electrolyte circulation with double pipes and acid resistant battery poles as well as continuing to strive for new levels of innovation/experience in research and design/problem solving.

Rental batteries
We offer flexible, tailor made solutions for every conceivable customer: from large scale, multi-national  enterprises to small, local Allgäu businesses. We are delighted that our rental batteries come with flexible durations in order to bridge the gap during production peaks.

We guarantee our customers a runtime warranty and will, without any issues, take over all costs for repairs and service during our warranty offer.

In keeping with our long standing business values we ensure that all our battery cells are produced within the European Union and as a result of this we have direct influence on our products’ quality, and this also produces great logistical advantage. Furthermore, in having a short supply chain, we achieve an extremely high standard of sustainable, environmentally responsible behavior compared to alternate products from outside the European Union.

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