It is particularly important to us that our own employees are always up to date with the latest technology. In regular training courses by internal and external experts, these are taught in a practical manner the contents from which our customers ultimately benefit through competent electricians. Thus, many years of experience meet current know-how – and we are happy to pass this on.

Electrical engineering training for legal security

The electrical engineer’s trade is heavily influenced by a multitude of standards, regulations and laws. Allgäu Batterie helps keep things in perspective by providing customer training. For example, testing concepts can be developed jointly or the path to a legally compliant organization can be recorded.

Training courses on battery and charging technology in intralogistics

For maintenance employees, the theoretical aspects often play a subordinate role. Much more important is the correct performance of the tests themselves. Allgäu Batterie is on hand with advice and support to develop pragmatic approaches to maintenance solutions and to train these routines.


  • Battery types
  • Battery structure
  • Measures to extend the service life of batteries
  • Charger Technologies
  • Charging characteristics
  • Maintenance of batteries and chargers
  • Battery control systems

Training on stationary battery applications


  • Optimal conditions for lead batteries
  • Lifetime optimization
  • Practical tips for maintenance staff
  • Ventilation of battery rooms
  • Legislation and standardization
  • Charging characteristics

Customized training

You are interested in a training, but the mentioned points do not fit exactly to your requirements? Or do you need instruction for your employees that is not listed here? No problem! We will be happy to create an individualized training agenda with the content that is appropriate for your use case.

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