Economy of the common good

Allgäu Batterie’s products and services are intended to create social and ecological added value. In order to record this quantitatively, we were certified for the first time in 2022 according to the principles of the common good balance sheet in cooperation with the Kempten University of Applied Sciences. The model evaluates companies from an ecological, economic and social perspective and thus represents a holistic perspective on sustainability. Through the common good economy we can express and systematically further develop our sustainable interpretation of entrepreneurship, which we have been pursuing since the company was founded in 1994 .




Our current economic system is upside down. Money has become an end in itself instead of being a means to what really matters: a good life for everyone.

Christian Felber, Author of the book “Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie” and co-initiator of the common good economy movement

The economy of the common good as an alternative economic model

The common good economy establishes an ethical economic model. The well-being of people and the environment becomes the primary goal of business. The foundations of the common good economy are the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, basic democratic and constitutional values, relationship values based on the findings of social psychology, the ethics of respect for nature and the protection of the earth, as well as recognized scientific facts such as the concept of planetary boundaries.

The economy of the common good operates independently of governments, parties, economic interest groups, religious communities or political fundamentalisms.

Isn’t that greenwashing ?

It is undisputed that there are companies and institutions that use clever marketing measures to present themselves as more sustainable than they actually are. However, we at Allgäu Batterie have followed a philosophy of sustainability since the company was founded, which implicitly follows the idea of the triple bottom line approach. Membership in the common good economy is therefore not an end in itself or a PR measure, but rather an expression of a lived reality.

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Economy of the common good