From installation and maintenance to legal inspections: If electrotechnical work equipment such as battery and charging technology is in use, you need an expert. That’s why we have a strong team of service technicians who can cover any service activity – and do it quickly, straightforwardly and customer-oriented.

Everything from a single source: Our services

New installation of electrical work equipment

  • Delivery
  • Mounting
  • Initial technical inspection
  • Accompanying commissioning

Maintenance according to DIN 31051

  • Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Operational safety test
  • Repair

Maintenance model for traction batteries

Charger maintenance model

All-round carefree: Our full service

Completely outsource the maintenance of your battery and charging technology and take advantage of our full-service offer. A full service is always established between us and the original equipment manufacturer of the industrial trucks. As an end customer, you benefit from the fact that you usually only have one contact person and still do not have to do without our expertise as a specialist company for battery and charger technology. It also allows you to better plan costs over the complete term.

How we work: Our customer service

…consists of real experts.

As qualified electricians, our service technicians are not only technically well versed, but are also up to date with regard to electrical engineering standards and regulations.

…is quickly on site and personally there for you.

Thanks to our network of technicians throughout southern Germany, we can be at your site quickly. And with us, you have fixed contact persons; that’s why our service technicians know their customers’ fleets at least as well as they do themselves.

…offers maximum material availability.

A mobile workshop in a service van combined with an extensive central warehouse – that’s why you have little downtime with us.

…documented digitally in ALLspektion®.

From order entry to service report – all process steps are mapped transparently and efficiently in our proprietary ALLspektion® system. Based on the exact data, detailed evaluations are therefore also possible, e.g. in the form of fleet analyses.

Our technician bases in southern Germany

Leasing options

Reduction of capital commitment

Leasing batteries and chargers offers companies an effective way to reduce their capital commitment. By eliminating acquisition costs, financial resources are freed up for other purchases.

Owner, but not owner

In a leasing model, which is legally an atypical lease with elements of purchase law, Allgäu Batterie remains the owner of the products. The lessee is given the batteries or chargers to use for a monthly fee.

Service on demand

If you do not want to take care of the maintenance of the leased products yourself, you are welcome to use our service in the course of the leasing. The same models are available as for batteries and chargers owned by the customer.

It doesn’t get any greener than this

The resources of our world are limited. That’s why we ensure that the valuable raw materials in our products are returned to the materials cycle.

Best advised

From needs analyses and certifications to the application of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health – we provide you with sound and profitable advice on all matters relating to battery and charging technology.

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