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As a solutions provider, we specialize in fulfilling your individual charging requirements. With our high-end charging devices, we offer optimal power supply for your automated guided vehicles (AGVs), electric forklifts, and much more. We understand the specific needs of your industry and provide you with top-notch charging technology tailored to your vehicles’ lithium-ion batteries. Our customized solutions ensure an efficient and reliable charging infrastructure to keep your operations smooth and productive.

Fast and flexible: Charging of lithium-ion batteries

Boost the performance and availability of your forklifts and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) by utilizing our advanced chargers. Our highly energy-efficient high-frequency chargers enable fast charging of lithium-ion batteries at high charging rates. This allows you to effectively utilize every stoppage and downtime of your vehicle to perform an intermediate charge. Instead of wasting valuable time with longer charging sessions, you can efficiently supply your vehicles with energy during short breaks and enhance productivity.

By implementing regular intermediate charging, you can benefit from an increased battery lifespan. Simultaneously, you can effectively reduce operating costs and maximize the performance of your forklifts and AGVs.

Maximize perfomance


Increased battery lifespan

Cost reduction

Innovative: Inductive charging for automated guided vehicle

Wireless charging capabilities play a crucial role in the deployment of automated guided vehicles as they require a power supply that is reliable and efficient around the clock without human intervention.

Inductive charging is possible through embedded coils in the floor and onboard charging controllers in the vehicle, as well as through wireless charging stations. Charging processes can be CAN-controlled or carried out using charging profiles. Allgäu Batterie, as a system solution provider, can advise you on the selection and implementation of the right charging technology.

Optimize your operations by utilizing inductive charging.

Smart: Connection and Integration

Connectivity options and future viability

A prerequisite for high energy efficiency in intralogistics is the control of energy consumption, especially when multiple chargers are used simultaneously. It is essential to be able to monitor and observe the charging processes in real-time based on reliable quantitative data.

With minimal installation effort, multiple chargers can be networked together and connected to higher-level external computing units, such as an energy management system, using the following methods:

  • via CAN bus communication
  • via RS485 communication
  • via API (Application Programming Interface)

Flexible integration into your overall system

To fully leverage the performance of the battery and charger, we particularly focus on applications that involve complex data exchange and require specific programming. As an experienced and knowledgeable partner, we are here to provide personalized consultation and support for implementation.

If full integration into the vehicle is not feasible, we can also assist you with flexible solutions such as partial integrations, which preserve the original functional safety. Additionally, status indicators such as state-of-charge (SOC) and error messages can be displayed on external screens. The battery charging process is controlled via CAN by our chargers.

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