We take care of your energy holistically

We follow the vision of getting the best out of every company’s energy with our batteries to preserve material, ecological and ethical values. For this purpose, we have developed four strategic business areas that enable a holistic view of your energy-related issues.

Energy management system as the center of your energy

Discover our four business areas

Lead-acid traction batteries

Our portfolio includes high-performance traction batteries, energy-efficient chargers and professional service. Intelligent networking and load control result in cost savings and extended battery life.

Lithium-ion traction batteries

In our lithium manufactory, we produce your customized battery and charging technology for AGVs and other special applications. The flexible integration of the energy package into your vehicle is one of our core competencies.

Emergency power supply

With our UPS systems, we ensure that your critical consumers (data centers, production facilities) continue to run even in the event of a power failure.

Battery storage systems

With the help of a battery storage unit and the appropriate energy management system, we design your individual energy solution. This is used for self-consumption optimization, peak load capping or as buffer storage for electromobility.

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Lead-acid traction batteries
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Lithium-ion traction batteries
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power supply
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storage systems
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Holistic energy view