Corporate Social Responsibility

At the heart of our corporate activities are four core values, which we live by both internally and externally and in our business relationships.




Soziales Engagement

Confidence: Team Spirit & Empowerment

We know that we can only achieve the best result as a team. This is why there is a powerful relationship of trust between management, executives and employees, which we also regularly promote outside the company. At the same time, we value and encourage initiative and a spirit of innovation. As our employees deserve the best possible working environment, a holistic social concept for the workforce has been developed. And with our wide range of employee benefits, we promote a feel-good atmosphere that encourages top performance.

Allgäu Batterie-Team

Expertise: Fairness & Reliability

Industrie 4.0; Dienstleistungen

We always prefer long-term reliability to quick success. So if a customer chooses us as a partner, we do everything we can to justify this leap of faith commercially, technically and humanely. At the same time, we maintain a powerful, trusting and long-term cooperation with our suppliers, from which all sides can only benefit. And our competitors can also rely on us as a fair market player.

Sustainability: For our future

Ecological considerations are especially important for a company in the energy technology sector. We try to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible in all aspects: That’s why we recycle nearly 100% of our lead-acid batteries at the end of their service life. At the same time, we emphasize regional, organic and/or fair-trade consumer foods and support renewable energy projects.

Rückführungslogistik; Dienstleistungen

Social Engagement: Give something back

Since we are aware of how well we are doing, we also want to give something back. That’s why we get involved on a regional basis at our local level, for example by playing an active role in the integration of refugees or making regular donations in kind and money to local associations. At the same time, we have been supporting various projects of the international aid organization Plan International for many years, which is increasingly committed to the rights of children, especially girls. Here we also have a sponsorship for little Rohit from Nepal to give him a self-determined childhood and a better future.

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