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The maintenance of UPS systems is a critical factor for the operational safety and efficiency of the technical systems. Allgäu Batterie stands for maintenance that goes far beyond the usual: We rely on individual stress tests of the batteries in order to precisely determine the condition of each individual battery. This enables us to replace specific batteries in a timely manner before a complete replacement of the battery system is necessary – a decisive advantage for cost efficiency and sustainability.

Always under tension

As a manufacturer-independent, regional company, we attach great importance to personal customer relationships and are a member of the Bavarian Community Economy. We are committed to an economy that pays equal attention to the well-being of our customers, employees and suppliers as well as to ecological principles.

Whether you are an industrial company, a planning office, a building management company, an installer or an IT company – we understand the unique requirements of our partners and offer tailor-made solutions that ensure the safety and performance of your UPS systems. Rely on Allgäu Batterie, where excellent maintenance meets action aimed at the common good.

We are at your side at every step of the way

Advice & planning

We would be happy to advise you on planning a suitable system. We take all legal and normative requirements into account. We then offer you an optimally sized system.

Relevant standards for UPS systems

  • EC EN 62040-x
    General requirements and safety requirements for UPS systems
  • DIN EN 50171
    General requirements for central power supply systems for an independent energy supply to necessary safety devices
  • DIN EN 50272 (Successor to DIN EN IEC 62485)
    Safety requirements for batteries and battery systems as well as protective measures to avoid dangers from electrolytes, battery outgassing and electrical currents
  • DIN VDE 0105-100
    Basis for the recurring testing of electrical systems

Installation and commissioning

We will set up the new system at your site and put it into operation. Commissioning is carried out in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-600.

  • DIN VDE 0100-600
    Initial testing of electrical systems

We would be happy to dismantle and dispose of your old system.

Service & maintenance

We maintain your systems annually and send you test reports.

Aspects of our tests are:

Measurementscollected date
Settings and recording valuesLoad, battery, autonomy time, input voltage, input current, bypass, output voltage, output current, input, output frequency, system trickle voltage target / actual, temperature, battery type, battery capacity, minimum / maximum charging voltage, battery voltage
TestStatic bypass, input, bypass, output switch, manual/external bypass, mains failure
Stress testExternal load load current, load duration, block voltage min./max.
MeasurementsInput, bypass, output voltage system, trickle charge voltage, ambient temperature, RLO measurement system, RISO batteries/housing system, external bypass system, advance contacts system
InspectionBasic protection direct contact, error protection indirect contact, damage present, fans, capacitors, system inventory complied with, ventilation available, housing doors covers, electrical connections, potential equalization charging, control cable, labeling of the circuits, labeling of the N and PE conductors, battery fuse, battery connector, Battery poles, marking +/- pole, numbering of the batteries, supply lines of the charging infrastructure, accessibility of the system, documentation/warnings, visual inspection of the system
Contents of a test report

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