Manuel Diepolder

Managing Director

Team; Allgäu Batterie; ALLithium

Alexander Diepolder

Commercial Manager

Josef Diepolder

Management Consultant

Margit Diepolder

Authorized signatory & financial accounting

Verena Kaiser

Management Assistant

Sales traction batteries

Erwin Füngerlings

Key Account Manager Traction

Christian Hösl

Account Manager Traction

Udo Clauss

Sales Representative

Team; Allgäu Batterie

Lisa Emsters

Sales Assistant

Emergency power supply

Marcus Kriesch

Project Manager

Gaby Hoffmann

Project Assistant

Andreas Albrecht

Service Technician

Team; Allgäu Batterie; ALLithium

Waldemar Kurowksy

Service Technician

Battery storage systems

Julian Fackler

Account Manager

Order processing

Tobias Binzer

Order Process Team Leader

Christina Pfeiffer


Julia Heinold


Agatino Scardina


In-house service

Thomas Karg

Traction Service Manager

Dietmar Kreutzer

Traction Service Manager Representative

Monika Gattermair

Traction Service Assistant

Service Technician

Christian Lang

Service Technician

Paul Wolf

Service Technician

Jens Jopke

Service Technician

Konrad Brandl

Service Technician

Christian Brand

Service Technician

Daniel Harnohs

Service Technician

Florian Eibauer

Maintenance Assistant

Team; Allgäu Batterie; ALLithium

Ertay Karahan

Trainee as industrial electrician for operating equipme


Hans-Peter Gorbach

Director Marketing
& Communications

Warehouse & Production

Daniel Lederle

Warehouse Manager

Suliman Mardani

Warehouseman & Trainee as industrial electrician for operating equipment

Ramin Sediqi

Production Assistant


Tobias Kinert

IT Process Manager

Johannes Wiedenmann

Software Developer


Winfried Müller

Authorized Signatory & Technical Manager

Maximilian Bötsch

Key Account Manager

Felix Knecht

Junior Development Engineer

Maximilian Traut


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