Battery storage systems

On the one hand, government expansion of grid infrastructure is lagging behind schedule, volatility of renewable energy is affecting reliability of supply, and the number of charging points for electric cars is increasing only slowly. On the other hand, electrification and digitization are taking on unimagined proportions and extending into all areas of the economy and society. These developments, which at first glance appear to be in opposition, can be brought together with one key element – battery storage. They will play a crucial role in the decentralization of the power system of the future. Play along with Allgäu Batterie!

Cost reduction

Independence of the network operator


Often associated with battery storage are those batteries that are used to store photovoltaic electricity. That’s certainly true – but it’s also only a small sample of the wide range of applications for battery storage systems. Allgäu Batterie’s battery storage systems make an important contribution to cost reduction, independence and sustainability for companies, municipalities and agriculture.

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Multi-use: Combine and benefit

The use of a battery storage system is not limited to single applications. Simultaneous multiple use generates synergies and significantly reduces the time required to amortize the investment. A combination of the different operation management strategies self-consumption optimization, peak shaving, time-of-use or charging of electric cars increases your benefit and creates sustainable added value.

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