Return logistics

Not every battery that no longer performs at its full capacity must inevitably be disposed of. It often happens that the industrial truck and the charger are not optimally matched to the battery and the operating conditions. For the user, the impression is that the battery performance is insufficient. With our experience and expertise, we recognize such a mismatch and get the best out of the individual components through optimized coordination as part of the return logistics.

Our approach

Regeneration of low-power lead batteries

Before you need to replace deep-discharged or old batteries, they may be able to be regenerated. To do this, we perform a capacity test and analyze the condition of the battery. If the battery is recoverable, we can extend its life with a desulfation charge. You probably won’t win any more races with a regenerated battery, but it can definitely still be used for some time for light purposes.

Disassembly of lithium-ion batteries

In recent years, the amount of lithium-ion batteries placed on the market has increased rapidly. In the field of industrial batteries, these are mostly modular packs that are interconnected to form a battery system. In order to recycle battery systems, they have to be disassembled into their individual parts again. The first step from the battery system back to the pack level is the most important for further logistics: Only with a volume-optimized pack size is it economical to recycle modules using economies of scale. We take care of the dismantling of lithium-ion batteries for you and, if you wish, we can also take back the batteries as required by law.

In-house logistics with certified ADR dangerous goods drivers

In the case of replacement batteries in particular, the time component plays a decisive role in ensuring that a stationary industrial truck is ready for use again in a timely manner. Allgäu Batterie not only provides a new battery quickly, but also takes care of the return of the old battery at the same time. Battery technology is irrelevant – transport is always carried out by trained and certified ADR dangerous goods drivers with appropriately equipped vehicles. So you don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Foundation GRS Batteries

Affiliation to the GRS batteries

The Stiftung Gemeinsames Rücknahmesystem Batterien is our competent partner for the disposal of our batteries. With decades of experience, our customers can be sure that the batteries will be recycled in a sustainable and transparent manner at the end of their life. GRS cooperates with the leading recycling plants in order to prepare the valuable raw materials for reuse in the best possible way, thereby relieving the burden on the environment.

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