Employee benefits

Employee benefits

Team spirit
The whole is more than the sum of its parts – this knowledge of Aristoteles guides our actions at Allgäu Batterie, to achieve the best results as a team with a high employee satisfaction. Because at the end the employees all pull in the same direction.

Feel-good atmosphere
Performance means work per period of time. To optimize the performance of the employees, both aspects have to be reconciled. The working atmosphere at Allgäu Batterie is productive enough to be successful and relaxed enough to have fun doing it. With our flexible working hours every employee can decide about their own working rhythm.

Net wage optimisation
All employees at Allgäu Batterie can create out of different modules their own concept to get more net wage out of their gross wage. This includes among others capital-forming benefits, company pension with employer contribution or a subsidy for kindergarten.

Stable working relationship
What is he best working place if it isn´t safe? The management of Allgäu Batterie works solidly and always puts long-term success above short-term returns. That its why we are always able to comply our financial obligations to our employees and partners.

Health management
The physical well-being of all employees is very important. The ergonomic work places and healthy snacks contribute to this.