New product: ALLtrac® Plus

We are happy to present you our new high frequency charger ALLtrac® Plus!

In addition to the already known options of our ALLtrac® charger, the ALLtrac® Plus has some important innovations for you

  • The charging characteristic ARB (Automatic Recognition of the Battery) can charge different batteries with just one configuration. With one 80 Volt ALLtrac® Plus you can charge batteries with a lower voltage and different capacities.
  • With its high-definition display the charger is much more easier to use
  • The modular construction allows flexible expansions of the charger
  • Because of the CAN-Bus connection between the charger and the battery all states can be read out and the charging characteristics can be adjusted easily. This function is perfect for charging Lithium-Ion batteries.

Orders with a delivery date from may 2019 will all receive our new ALLtrac® Plus chargers. The predecessor series ALLtrac® will no longer be produced.

Exact explanations and more information can be found on the download site of our website. Of course we will continue to produce our chargers ALLgo® and ALLgo® mini.

We are looking forward sending you an offer for an ALLtrac® Plus according to your preferences.