Pre-charge storage systems

Not a fashion, but a megatrend: The share of electric cars in Europe is rising steadily. Studies predict up to 34 million electric vehicles by 2030. This enormous increase poses major challenges for our energy infrastructure: In many places, building connections and power grids are not designed for mass charging of electric cars. The intermediate storage of electricity with battery storage systems is the most economically, technically and ecologically sensible solution to this challenge.

No expansion of the grid connection required

Time saving during charging

Sustainability through use of own electricity

Reducing the load on the power grids

Minimal installation effort

Increasing attractiveness for customers and employees

Your pre-charge storage system …


Modern rapid charging stations charge with up to 350 kW. This large output overtaxes the existing grid connection at most sites, especially with multiple parallel charging processes. Our battery storage systems provide this power without burdening the grid or building installations. After the rapid charging of an electric car is completed, the battery can regenerate at rest, ideally with its own electricity.

For a particularly compact solution, we recommend all-in-one devices. They combine power storage and fast charging station in one housing. Optionally, we equip the pre-charge storage systems with large monitors to engage your target audience or workforce with content


Even without fast charging, power-limited distribution grids quickly reach their limits. A few individual parking spaces can perhaps be equipped with charging stations, but an entire parking lot with dozens of simultaneous charges? With the installation of a pre-charge storage system from Allgäu Batterie you can forget about this problem!

Did you know?

The battery storage systems for precharging for electric cars are multi-tasking! In this way, you can additionally realize self-consumption optimization, peak load capping or backup power supply with one and the same system

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