Mission statement


At Allgäu Batterie, we reliably supply our customers with high-quality battery and charging technology products and offer them first-class technical service. Through individual advice, we are able to implement precisely the solution for our customers that best suits the respective application and brings the greatest possible benefit. We owe our uniqueness in the field of industrial batteries to our conviction that we always focus on the technical and human needs of the customer without restriction.


The world around us is changing. With the electrification, digitization and decarbonization of our society, the sustainable, efficient use of energy is more in the spotlight than ever. We follow the vision of getting the best out of its energy with our batteries in every company in order to preserve material, ecological and ethical values.


Our excellent corporate culture is the foundation for goal-oriented cooperation, both internally and externally. We see ourselves as a family company in the truest sense of the word, in which all employees feel comfortable both individually and collectively and are valued by credible managers.


The guidelines for our daily actions as a yardstick for our integrity are our values. For us, competence, trust, sustainability and social commitment are elementary components for long-term and successful partnerships with our employees as well as with our suppliers and customers.

A strong team

A company can only be as good as the employees supporting it. That is why we are particularly proud of our well-coordinated team, which gives its best every day for our common goal.