Start of training in 2021

On September 01, two apprentices began their first year of training as industrial electrician specializing in operating technology at Allgäu Batterie. But Suliman and Marco chose very different paths before starting their apprenticeship.

Suliman (40 years old) has already been part of the Allgäu Batterie team since 2016, previously organizing our 10,000 m2 storage area as a warehouse clerk and providing support in production. In order to now prove his extensive knowledge with a German degree, he decided to complete the training as an industrial electrician.

Marco (16 years old) graduated from high school in 2021 and already got to know Allgäu Batterie at the beginning of the year during a student internship. During this, he was able to get a taste of industrial batteries and get to know the team as well as the work culture.

The two-year training program to become an industrial electrician for operating technology at Allgäu Batterie is multifaceted. The focus is on learning all the theoretical and practical skills needed to carry out the assembly and maintenance of industrial batteries, chargers and stationary battery systems. As a future electrician, this includes not only technical knowledge, but also know-how about standards and regulations. Incidentally, the industrial electrician is the only apprenticeship in Germany that is, by definition, a skilled electrician as defined by accident prevention regulations.

Together with Ertay, who is now starting his second year of apprenticeship at Allgäu Batterie, three apprentices will thus strengthen the team as of today. The special thing about training at Allgäu Batterie is that employees are not just a workforce with a number in the system, but are perceived as people. During training, individual strengths are therefore further developed and soft skills such as initiative, independence, communication skills and solution-finding are encouraged. Professional and personal development is supported in a targeted manner with further training measures, workshops and practical assignments in various specialist areas. After all, our goal is to prepare our trainees in the best possible way for the challenges of the future.

We wish everyone a successful start to the new training year!