Large-scale storage systems

We at Allgäu Batterie are convinced that you as our customer want the solution from us that best fits your application. As manufacturer-independent battery experts, we can recommend the ideal product for you, detached from production specifications or sales goals. Of course, we accompany you through the complete life cycle from project engineering to disposal.

Decades of experience with stationary battery systems

Long-term partnerships with high-end producers

Open technology and manufacturer-independent

Holistic advice and support

The services

Our large-scale storage systems are large, logically. And not only that, they can do quite a lot:

  • Peak-load management
  • Energy management for intensive grid use
  • Improving grid stability
  • Integration of charging infrastructure
  • Grid expansion avoidance
  • Emergency power operation/backup power operation
  • Support for decentralized energy supply
  • Frequency regulation
  • Provision of control service
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Off-grid and on-grid
  • Voltage stabilization
  • Black start
  • Primary and secondary control power
  • Community energy storage
  • Island operation/autarky
  • Self-consumption optimization

Technical features

Safe fire protection concept

Cloud services and data monitoring

Lightning and overvoltage concept

Proven cell technologies

Intelligent energy management system

Well-rehearsed procedure

  1. Analyse der Betriebsdaten für eine optimale Projektierung und Dimensionierung
  2. Unterstützung beim Genehmigungsprozess von der Aufstellgenehmigung bis hin zum Netzanschluss
  3. Durchführung der Elektroanschlussarbeiten und Begleitung bei der Erstinbetriebnahme
  4. Regelmäßige Instandhaltungsmaßnahmen
  5. Optimierung der Anlage unter Einbeziehung der Erfahrungswerte und neuen Anforderungen
  6. Entsorgung nach End-of-Life

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