In cooperation with our supplier we have developed a high frequency battery charger. ALLtrac is a premium, fully programmable charger for traction and stationary batteries which works perfectly for three-shift and permanent operation. For less complex appliances, ALLgo® and ALLgo mini® are cost-efficient yet reliable solutions.

Improvement of the charging process
Our high frequency chargers extend the lifetime of your batteries, speed up the charging process and are energy-saving with an efficiency rating of up to 96%.

User-friendly operation
The charging parameters can be changed by the buttons on the charger or by software on an external computer.

High flexibility
Our chargers are able to deliver the correct charging characteristics for every battery technology available on the market, including lithium-ion batteries, and automatically recognize the connected battery.

Network connection and battery management
ALLtrac® is a completely compatible to be connected to a network. Therefore, it can be used for incredibly efficient battery management allowing full optimization of your charging station.

Industry 4.0
Intelligent charging stations are an elementary component for resource-efficient and integrative processes. With our pioneering and innovative ideas we are quickly becoming established as a industry-leading specialist, continually being one step ahead of the market.

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